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The Social Media Intern will be responsible for maintaining our mental health awareness campaign on Instagram, develop creatives and a social media plan, and track social media analytics. 

Roles and Responsibilities 

A Social Media intern for Mustamya will be tasked with the following:

  1. Creating posts on Canva for our Social media marketing campaign with a focus primarily on Instagram.

  2. Ensuring that the layout of the feed is as discussed and that the grammar and formatting is correct. 

  3. Provide insights on how to improve the aesthetics of the feed.

  4. Provide insights on how to improve the reach of the campaign.

  5. Update Social Media Plan as per instructed.

  6. Ensuring that the posts go up on the decided time and day, every week. 

  7. Keeping in contact with other interns for the Content provided in the Instagram posts. 

  8. Ensuring that the new posts are approved by the supervisor, and make changes as instructed. 

  9. Conducting secondary research about how Instagram works, including best times to post, what is the kind of audience interacting with our post etc. and presenting reports on findings.

  10. Maintain the Social Media Content and Social Media Reach spreadsheets

  11. Ensuring safety of our Instagram page and taking responsibility for issues concerning it. 

Skills Appreciated

  1. A basic understanding of Instagram (photos, reels, stories, algorithms etc.), Canva, Excel, Google Drive etc. 

  2. Intermediate grasp on the English Language. Knowing Hindi is an asset. 

  3. Taking directions and criticism in a positive and productive way.

  4. Creativity, flexibility and drive to adapt and improve the social media plan as per the changing contextual environment

  5. Punctuality in communication with team members, and the posting and the spirit of taking initiative in ensuring the best for the organization.

  6. Being discreet during external communications and responsive on all of Mustamya’s communication channels. 

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