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Mustamya is an initiative through which we wish to start conversations with people suffering from various mental and health issues, those who just want to rant, those who just need someone to listen to them.

We believe in the power of listening and follow the youth for youth approach. We wish to remove stigma and promote mental health and well being.

Driven by passion for and a need to create a support group, the two of us aim to use our "warmline" as a way to reach out to those who need a listener.


Our services further extend to an email outreach program and we hope to improve awareness through articles, and personal stories of the general public on our blog. 

We are primarily tackling the closest generation to ourselves, including ages 8-21. We are also looking majorly at issues such as depression, suicidality, anxiety etc. along with issues that stem from the societal and physical discrimination that a member of the LBGTQIA+ community faces.

About Us

Started by two teenage best-friends (Oorja Gonepavaram and Dhriti Malhotra), who have mostly been clueless on how this entire deal with mental health issues works; clueless until we sat down on one Tuesday evening and decided to start a warmline and research deep into this world in order to understand and eventually help. 

We're both used to people confiding in us and "ranting" their issues to, so we thought, why not extend this ability of our hospitality to other people; people who really need us?

The perfect duo: We have both a logical and emotional side to our team that is sure to come handy to people who need our help, and to run this organization.

And who's better than teenagers to understand other teenagers' problems and listen to them patiently? We've been through similar phases of life, and what can't be solved over a few memes brewed in with conversations about existential crises.


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