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We Hear You

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In March 2021, Mustamya conducted its first collaboration with Square The Circle. WHY was a platform created by STC for people to talk about issues out loud sans judgement. We Hear You (Anxiety) was conducted on the 27th of March 2021 and 4 spaces were offered: Alfaaz (a space for conversation), Saans (Space for meditation and calming exercises), Nritya (a space for movement) and Kaagaz (a space for journaling and writing).

A Bold Naari

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On February 4th 2022, in collaboration with LipstickUnderYourPatriarchy, we held a webinar project that aimed at giving our audience a safe space to start a dialogue surrounding the intersectionality of feminism and mental health. The very idea of this webinar was to let people engage in authentic and vulnerable conversations while highlighting how the association between mental health and feminism has shaped their experiences. With prominent guest speakers such as Grace Banu, a trans-dalit activitist, the webinar consisted of four spaces (in the form of a Zoom breakout room):

  • the mental health implications of being a woman in a family in the third world,

  • being queer and trans in the third world,

  • being perceived as a woman in the patriarchy and

  • the intersection of social media, mental health, and feminism.

The goal of the webinar was to act as a mirror for all the attendees to invoke introspection on how patriarchy affects an individual’s mental health. We often do not realize how patriarchy truly affects us as individuals, our behaviors, and the way we treat others. Therefore, we wanted to provide a space where we would encourage self-reflection in both the attendees and the guest speakers.

Action Replay

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Do you ever watch a TV show or movie and instantly relate to it? If not instantly, does a character from show or movie grow on you and you start wondering if it’s actually you plying their role? If yes, then you’re not alone.


Presenting Action Replay, a collaboration with Reach Out that aims at highlighting trending characters, scenes or snippets from TV shows or movies that represent mental health. From effects of gender socialization on femininity to the enduring impacts of one’s self saboteur’s on self worth, Action Replay discusses a plethora of underlying mental health issues and phenomena from the perspective of film and TV. 

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