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Chingaari is Mustamya's biweekly podcast; a platform for people from all walks of life to talk about their experiences or start a conversation. It is held as an Instagram Live on our Instagram (@mustamya) and saved in our IGTV series.


(The term “Chingaari” refers to a spark.)

You can apply by filling out the google form! 


During the Second Wave of Covid in early 2021, Mustamya conducted safe spaces for people who were experiencing covid fatigue and grief due to covid.

Naav had 2 spaces: 


A journey of your story filled with adventure and happiness, join us for a collaborative experience of imagination, and creativity, a break from the overwhelming State of pandamic, a safe space which will help us in this thought time, join us for kahaani.


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Hum Ishq Parast

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In the midst of endless losses including that of quality of life, relationships, freedom and control, get a chance to tune into the flow of your emotions. Leher focuses on holding and exploring your feelings and thoughts during these tough times. Through a mix of art activities and conversations, this space is an attempt at empowering people to take a look at their true emotions, give them shapes/forms and let them breathe in this world.

3 sessions of Naav were conducted on 14th May, 6th June and 20th June 2021

Mustamya is a queer-affirmative and queer-friendly initiative. Although homosexuality has been decriminalized in many countries all over the world, the LGBTQ+ community faces discrimination and marginalization in different ways. Despite the month of June being recognized as Pride Month, there is still a lack of safe space for queer/trans to share their unique narratives especially in Asian cultures where internalized and deeply-rooted homophobia may prevent people from the LGBTQ+ community from freely exploring love, intimacy, and relationships. Mustamya recognises and wishes to bring out queer/trans stories through our project called Hum Ishq Parast which roughly translates to "We love the same".

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