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  1. If a person calls, they automatically agree to our policies and terms.

  2. We are not counselors, hence we are not capable in giving any professional help.

  3. We cannot guarantee that our service will be successful in helping or satisfying a person's needs.

  4. Our services are limited to our demographic (8-21 years old) and from 6 am to 10 pm. 

  5. No payment for service. Caller will pay for the call, as we are not a toll free number yet.

  6. Confidentiality: no information revealed to us would be shared to anyone else. Only the person you are talking to knows about your situation. Gross violation of confidentiality includes- Talking about callers to your friends or family -Posting information about callers on social media -Giving information from the crisis line to another agency without that caller’s permission. 

  7. Any volunteer violating the confidentiality agreement will be dismissed immediately.

  8. Case studies of the calls will be written down for data collection purposes (create patterns to help a person better or for outcome analysis of the service).

  9. No major advice is allowed, small ones like (take a walk, breathe etc.) can be allowed. This is because we understand that we are not professionals yet.

  10. No communication outside of the warmline. Numbers will not be shared or used outside of the purpose of the warmline.

  11. Calls recorded will not be shared with anyone. 

  12. Service will not be denied to anyone on the basis of caste/creed/sex/orientation etc. Referrals might be given if the case is outside our capabilities.

  13. No sharing of the callers' numbers or information.

  14. We will not disclose our personal information and no caller can do so either. 

  15. Data deletion once a year will happen.

  16. Information from callers- no personal details will be asked for, names, address etc, all can be hidden to maintain anonymity. This information can only be shared if the caller wants it.

  17. Callers’ fear of retribution for having contacted the warmline will be avoided through the confidentiality agreement.

  18. If we miss a call, call back would take place at least twice within 24hrs.

  19. We are not liable for any actions taken by the caller be it harmful or not, to oneself or others.

  20. All calls will be answered with a certain sensitivity in order to gain trust and confidence.

  21. We will not intervene in any case or in any form despite the need (rape, child abuse etc.) because we have a lack of resources. Only if a person wants help, shall we give any advice on this topic.

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