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A Murabba is a fruit preserve, but it's different from pickles because it's sweet. For the longest time, Murabbas have been known to improve health and boost immunity. I'm serious, a fruit dipped in loads of sugar syrup is brilliant for health. Sounds ridiculous to chocolate lovers but it's true because Murabbas contain vitamin E, C and A. But how is it different from other sources of vitamins such oranges, amlas and carrots? It's different because it hash months and years of fermentation, making it richer in nature than other vitamin supplements.

You see, this is the point. The point isn't being happy and fresh like carrots, amlas and lemons. It's about being rich in your roots, being internalized and persevering through painful memories and experiences. It is about being the Murabba in a fruit basket.

Like a Murabba, be true to your own essence, be true to what you have been through. Acknowledge your state of being and take your time to develop, just like a Murabba.

So, sabr ki meethi chashni me dooba hua Murabba ko chakh lo, dil me rakh lo.

Feel the Murabba in you.


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