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Pink scars

A part of my story.

*Trigger Warning*

I was 14 when I lost all my hair and had to wear a scarf with a hat to school. I grew pale and my weight fluctuated like the stock market. I spent majority of my time watching movies and TV shows in lieu of dating like other girls. While other girls had long hair and slim bodies, I struggled with discoloration and extreme mood swings.

As time passed, I fought cancer but the after-effects of chemotherapy lingered on. Slowly and steadily, the hormonal changes in me made me a completely different person. On one hand, I had to be grateful for this new life that I had been blessed with while I was absolutely clueless as to why I existed in the first place. I questioned everything that I was and everything I wanted to be.

Over the past 5 years, I've struggled to maintain relationships, manage academics as well as deal with my sexuality; I've only recently started seeking medical attention.

I'm 21 years old, I extensively work around mental health awareness and I suffer from anxiety and suicidal ideation. I'm not asking people to understand my pain or shower me with sympathy, simply some acknowledgment and sensitivity.

More power to those who live with pain.

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